Dear Microsoft, make 2016 all about Continuum

Dear Microsoft,
Everything you do in 2016 regarding Windows 10, and specifically Windows 10 mobile needs to be focused on Continuum. Continuum is the breakout feature that sets you apart from every other phone on the planet, no one else can compete with it…yet. It’s time to grab that market before it’s too late.

Here are some unsolicited suggestions / ideas for 2016 to prepare Windows 10 Mobile to become a competitive platform and provide a truly unique reason for people to buy the coveted “Surface Phone” that is rumored to come out in late 2016.

  1. Continue pushing the new Lumia 950 and 950XL to existing Windows Mobile fans, keep them excited (Obviously).
  2. Get these devices on Verizon, T-Mobile (I’m in dire need of an upgrade and I’m on Verizon – as are many others)
  3. Get AT&T to do a real marketing push, real sales push – we continue reading stories about how hard it is to buy a Windows Mobile phone from your “Key” reseller – this is ridiculous.
  4. EVERY Microsoft or Microsoft Partner event must have Continuum kiosks/stations setup for event guests to use. You already have full computers setup at big events (like //Build), add Continuum kiosks too – Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor.
    1. This gives your most dedicated fans a place to use one of the most interesting features of Windows 10 in a real-world environment with their own devices.
  5. Partner with EVERY college campus that you already have relationships with to add Continuum Kiosks around campus. (Library, Student Union, Computer Labs, etc.)
    1. Every college already has extra monitors, keyboards and mice laying around – just give them a Continuum docks and a way to secure it down.
    2. Yes, I said give them docks, many have spent millions of dollars with you over the years, give them something back.
    1. Include clear signage talking about what the kiosk is and how you can benefit from it, get people talking organically.
    2. If I was still a student and there were Continuum kiosks around campus I would have been a very happy student.
  6. Partner with EVERY airport, you already have relationships with many airlines, expand those relationships and work close with the airports as well.
    1. Every airport should have Continuum kiosks in the terminals, they could be sponsored by specific airlines.
    2. Your focus is business users right now, business users fly ALL THE TIME – make it easy for them to use Continuum out in the wild as they fly around the world.
    3. Have signage highlighting the features of the kiosk
  7. Partner with EVERY Hotel
    1. Just like flying, business users stay in hotels everywhere – give them access to kiosks in business suites and lounge areas.
    2. Give them to hotels to rent out to other guests if requested
    3. Have signage highlighting the features of the kiosk
  8. Get in EVERY home and office
    1. Make it super easy for businesses, and consumers to setup their own Continuum kiosks in their offices and homes.
    2. First you have to make it easy to buy, create hardware packages that include a Continuum Dock, Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor – when purchased together offer a huge discount 25%-50% off compared to buying each individually.
    3. Allow people to customize what size monitor they want and offer several brands
      1. Make the Continuum dock extremely affordable, make it a loss leader. $99 is a bit costly for a lot of people, drop it down to $50 - $75 – make it a no brainer decision.
  9. Show EVERYONE how they could benefit from a Continuum Kiosk
    1. I’m not saying how it’s used as a computer, but how it could be used around the house or office
    2. Put one in the kitchen to read recipes, put one in the bedroom to watch TV in bed, put one in the living room to act as a small smart TV device, put one in the conference room for presentations by guests or employees, etc. etc. etc.
    3. Literally have imagery showing how these kiosks could be setup in every room of the house and every office.

I want to go visit my parents and know that they will have a kiosk I can plug my phone into when I get there so that I can do work.

I want to stay in hotels and know I can plug in my phone and get to work.

I want to go meet with a client and know that there will be a kiosk I can plug my phone into and show them their new app I’m building for them across all Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft used to say “A computer on every desk and every home” it should now be “Continuum in every room.

My Christmas wish is for Continuum to be EVERYWHERE in 2016 – make it happen!