Welcome to Runscale, Inc.!

Throughout the last couple months we have been working hard on a full re-brand of Runscale, Inc., we are excited to finally share with you that our new website is now up and running!

Throughout this time we have also refined our logo, designed new business cards, created some stickers as you can see above (ask for one if you see us!), we have outlined and expanded our list of services for you to take advantage of and happy to announce that Micah Iverson of nVision 42 has joined the company as our new Chief Creative Officer.

We have 3 core services we are focusing on moving forward, these services are:

  1. Windows 10
  2. Xamarin, iOS and Android
  3. Responsive Web Applications

Windows 10 Ecosystem

Windows is the largest, most powerful, most connected ecosystem in the world.

There is no other company offering a platform that provides the flexibility and consistent experience across all devices. The Windows ecosystem powers desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, fitness devices, Xbox, Hololens, Surface Hub, IOT devices and many other devices and services; all of which share one unique, familiar and consistent design language and experience.

We’ll have much more to say about Windows 10 in upcoming articles.

Multi-platform Development with Xamarin (iOS, Android and Windows)

Looking for a way to build your apps on several platforms at once? This is where the power of Xamarin comes in, with Xamarin we can write C# code once and create custom UI code for each platform to produce natively compiled packages for each platform all at one time. This method has advantages and disadvantages, but if you need a native app on all platforms, Xamarin can be a smart choice.

Responsive Web Applications

The web is a very powerful, flexible and necessary ecosystem within itself – and thus we will certainly still provide web application design and development services. While there is always a need for “marketing” or “brochure” type of web sites, we are as a company focusing less time on those types of sites and pushing more toward web design for Software as a Service (SAAS) types of solutions. We always want to make sure our clients are reaching the right people on the right devices and the web is a big component of that – even as a way to supplement your Windows 10 applications.

Always Move Forward

The way we run business and use technology is changing rapidly, it’s time for everyone to re-think, re-examine and re-imagine what you do and how you do it and start opening your minds to new and exciting possibilities through software and connected devices. Join us in this new era and let’s see what we can do to make our lives better and our businesses more effective.

Thank you and we are excited to see where the future takes us!

:: Runscale