Windows 10 on 200 Million Devices and Counting

Microsoft posted a lengthy blog post to kick of 2016 outlining some updated information about Windows 10.

The main highlight of course is the updated numbers on active Windows 10 devices in use:

As of today, there are more than 200 million monthly active devices around the world running Windows 10.

Here are some other interesting points:

  • Windows 10 adoption is accelerating, with more than 40% of new Windows 10 devices becoming active since Black Friday.
  • In fact, Windows 10 continues to be on the fastest growth trajectory of any version of Windows – ever – outpacing Windows 7 by nearly 140% and Windows 8 by nearly 400%.
  • We’re seeing increased preference for Windows 10 with consumers. Since Black Friday, US retail PC share* for Windows 10 grew 16 points to 62% compared to the prior four weeks. Windows 10 mix of PCs rose to 87% from 58% prior to the holiday.
  • We are also seeing accelerating and unprecedented demand for Windows 10 among enterprise and education customers. As of today, more than 76% of our enterprise customers are in active pilots of Windows 10, and we now have over 22 million devices running Windows 10 across enterprise and education customers.
  • Highest Engagement on Windows Ever, With Over 11 Billion Hours on Windows 10 in December.

If you have been holding off bringing your iOS or Android apps to Windows, now is the time to re-think your strategy and focus heavily on coming to a powerhouse third ecosystem.

There is a lot more interesting details about Microsoft Edge, the Windows Store and the Xbox in the full blog post linked below...

Source: Windows Blog